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Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

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Freedom of information disclosure log

Manus Island update

Further to my initial statement on the incident at Manus Island on the evening of February 17, I wish to confirm that contrary to initial reports received, I have received further information that indicates that the majority of the riotous behaviour that occurred, and the response to that behaviour to restore order to the centre, took place within the perimeter of the centre.

As advised on the afternoon of Tuesday February 18, I indicated that I had received further information which meant that I could no longer confirm that the deceased man sustained his injuries outside the centre. The further information I have now received casts further doubt on the initial advice that his injuries were sustained outside the centre.

The precise nature of these events are the subject of the review and police investigation that has been initiated. It will be the task of that review and the police investigation to determine the facts of this incident.

Earlier this week I noted that when people co–operate and conduct themselves appropriately within the centre then we are able to provide for their safety. This is the most effective way to ensure the security of these facilities and safety of all those who are accommodated and work within the centre.

In a situation where transferees engage in riotous and aggressive behaviour within the centre, this will escalate the risk to those who engage in such behaviour. However, in such circumstances service providers must conduct themselves lawfully and consistent with the service standards set out in their contract.

Yesterday I noted that the independent review established by my department will look at the conduct of the service providers present on that evening, along with any other persons found to be present within the compound that night.

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Last update: Saturday, 22 February 2014 at 00:00 AEST