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Six months without a successful people smuggling venture but the job goes on

Friday, 20 June 2014

The latest weekly update from Operation Sovereign Borders highlights the continued success of the Coalition Government's border protection policies with more than six months having passed without a successful people smuggling venture, and is a reminder to the people smugglers that the same set of policies and resolve they have faced to date will remain on our borders, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, the Hon Scott Morrison said today.

'The Coalition Government this week reached an important milestone on border protection with six months having passed since the last successful people smuggling venture arrived in Australia,' Minister Morrison said.

'No successful people smuggling venture has arrived in Australia since 19 December last year, prior to the introduction of turn backs. The results on our borders are results that Labor, the Greens, advocates and others said could not be achieved. The Coalition Government is doing what we said we would do and getting the results we said we would get.

'Despite this success, the job on our borders is not complete. The same policies, the same people, the same resolve will be at work today, at work tomorrow and they'll be at work into the foreseeable future as long as the Australian people allow us to ensure the people smugglers' threat is never again realised.

'People smugglers will always try, they will always attempt and that's why our policies remain and the personnel under Operation Sovereign Borders stand at the ready to deal with any ventures that may attempt to reach Australia.

'Continued progress on the processing of asylum claims on Manus Island has been made this week. A total of 52 initial assessments have been handed down with 24 positive and 28 negative. On Nauru a total of 64 refugee status determinations have been provided to asylum seekers of which 41 were positive with 23 negative.

'I note the reporting period on Operation Sovereign Borders activities has been amended from its current weekly format to a new monthly update given the low level of activity on our borders. As Minister I will continue to provide updates outside the reporting period as required on Operation Sovereign Borders and related matters,' Minister Morrison said.

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Last update: Friday, 20 June 2014 at 17:30 AEST